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Our latest film


Look After Yourself

Have you heard of the five ways to well-being? We’re here to help you out with some great suggestions on activities you can do to help you if you’re feeling stressed, down or just need a bit of space.

Listen to Us

Misconceptions, pre-determined futures, pressures.

Young people discuss the difficulties of being heard in a world where adults make decisions that will undoubtedly affect their futures without allowing them to be involved.

‘We’re Not Different, We’re Like You’

Our latest video looks at living with a condition or disability. Are you seen as you really are … or in terms of your label?

This month we have a crack team at Richard Lander taking on production!

Moving on up

Meet the Peer Mentoring Team from Fowey River Academy as they discuss how it felt to move up to Secondary School and how they are working to make it easier for others.

YOUth in Mind Promotional Video

Watch the video produced by our co-creation team to tell the world about their new project!

This project is part of the HeadStart Kernow programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund

More information can be found here